To the left, Zulu, In Haleakala Crater, Hawaii, February 1995. My wife and I went there to hike to the furthest cabin in the Crater (8 mi hike) and spend the night, but had to turn back due to 110 mph winds! Quite unusual to have such high winds...they ended up closing down the entire park. So we drove back down to Kanapali Shores and relaxed in the lap of luxury at the Marriott instead. Such diversity in such a small area.

To the right, Zulu, just outside of the forest in Frauenstein, Germany, the small town near Wiesbaden where my mother was born. This was taken July 1994 when my wife and I travelled through Europe. My aunt still lives there in the house she was born in (my mom was only 2 when they moved there. It really puts your own area in perspective when you go someplace that was founded in 1150.


I'm Zulu (Chris Zuleeg) of Zulu Internet Solutions.

I am just enjoying learning all the new technology that exists or is being created for the Net.

There's so much fun stuff to play with...html, http, cgi, java, vrml, it's alphabet soup...and I'm loving every spoonful!

With my PowerMac 8100/100av, 28.8 TelePort Platinum modem, a ScanJet IIc scanner (gotta get a better scanner), Sony TR-101 8mm video camera, Connectix QuickCam, and a DeskWriter C, I'm just having a blast! And with my PowerBook 520C with a TelePort Bronze and a StyleWriter 2200, I can take the whole thing mobile! Too much fun!

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